On Missions, Faith, and Obedience

The Boastful Pride of (Missions) Life
All who serve publicly face this subtle and deceptive temptation.

Don't Pray for Safety
How do our prayers reflect our fears, trust, and willingness to risk?

Farsighted Missions vs. The Unheroic Everyday
You cannot participate in faraway ministry and neglect what's up close.

God is not an American
Do you feel yourself culturally superior? Resist ethnocentrism! 

Good Works, Faith, and the Fruitless Fig Tree
We can appear to be thriving Christians, but Jesus looks for fruit.

Missionaries Must Come as Family Not Tourists
What do tourism and missions have in common, and should they look alike?

Phrases that Steal Praise: Dissecting Christianese
"Find Your Calling" and other sayings that mislead believers

The Siren Call of Earthly Significance
The urge for recognition can deter us from being faithful in the little things.

Spiritual Gifts Are More Than Us
What is the difference between natural talents and spiritual gifts?

What Missionaries Can Learn from Moses
Passion and readiness are not the same thing. When should we go?

When Sacrifice Is Wrong
We cannot judge our spiritual health by how much we've given up for God.

When to Ask for Help: Toddler Lessons on Ability and Dependence
My three-year-old doesn't know when to ask for help. Apparently I have the same problem.

Yes, I'm a Missionary. Aren't You?
What is your definition of "missionary"? Is it location, difficulty, or "calling"? Or is it obedience?

Coming and Going

A Countdown Booklet for Kids when Traveling Apart
Something to make the separation easier for you and them

Deep Friendship Are Worth Hard Goodbyes
Even though you know the time will probably be short, go deep despite it.

Flying with Young Children
This is a mini-series (3 posts) to help you prepare forsurvive, and decompress from your flight with kids.

Get Out of the Game: Competition in Ministry
What was Paul's response to competitive missionaries? What should ours be?

Let's Go Flaneuring on Airplanes
If you fly as often as us, the inside of an airplane is another familiar "home."

On Storage and an Uninhibited Start
When you move away, consider this: leave nothing behind.

Staying Steadfast through the Go-go-go
When things get nuts, there are a few things that we just cannot let go. Even when traveling, adjusting, visiting, or moving, stay steadfast in these 3 areas.

To the Expat Mom Who Wants to Go Home
Where is home? And how do we embrace the here when it's hard?

Unpack Your China Shepherdess
So we pack and unpack our bags, but how do we unpack our hearts?

Organization Links

Network of International Christian Schools

Joshua Project
The best site to get information on unreached people groups