Ask Him the Hard Questions
Can we wives rephrase our questions to include ourselves in the interrogation?

Blending Well: A mini-series on cross-cultural marriage
How do we blend well when we're so different? #1 Study each other. #2 Communicate everything. #3 Define your family's culture.

Marriage: The Home in my Heart
Moving abroad bound me closer to my husband. He became my home.

Sin's Curse, Labor, and Teamwork  
Experiencing a natural childbirth imprinted a powerful empathy in me for how my husband labors to support our family and how we must work together.


Don't Delay: 3 Habits Moms Should Change ASAP
Some things can't wait until our kids are old enough to notice.

The End-All Choice for Moms (Hint: It's not school.)
What's more important than choosing how to educate our kids?

Flying with Young Children
This is a mini-series (3 posts) to help you prepare for, survive, and decompress from your flight with kids.

Holding while Withholding  
Trying to comfort my daughter while also denying her a want showed me how I squirm and protest against God's arms of reassurance.

Just Obey: My cry to my kids and God's to me
" obey is better than sacrifice.." I Samuel 15:22

Motherhood and the Blessing of Sight
Parenting is eye-opening . . . in ways that should change us for the good.

Thankful to Change a Wet Bed
A grateful heart transforms irritation into joy...even when dealing with potty training.

To the Expat Mom Who Wants to Go Home
Where is home, and how do we embrace the here when it's hard?

Becoming a Better Me

5 Questions to Ask before I Wake My Online World
Since the Internet is such a beast, shouldn't we try to tame our use of it?

My word for 2015, "count" is all about faith, priorities, and perspective.

Danger of Commiseration
It's soothing to hear "me too". . . but then what--excuses or edification?

"I'm Too Busy" (A Lie)
There's a better, more responsible way to think.

Reacting Aside, I Want to Live on Purpose
Do you live reaction to reaction--being busy with 1000 random things as they come to mind? 

Silence the Screaming Housework with a List
This is how I finally got a handle on the dust, the corners, and the stovetop.

Springing Hope through the Cold Seasons
How do I shovel myself through my heart's snowstorms?

Whispering this word realigns my world.

Unwound from the Web: 5 Blessings from My Time Offline
After a week of being unexpectedly Internet-free, I learned much and better aligned my priorities.


Give Thanks
A poem for those living overseas

Make, Bless, Reach: A Different Christmas List
When commercialism deafens you, seek quiet and turn to giving without expectation.

A Somber Celebration: Lent
Resources for the 40 days leading up to Resurrection Sunday

A Parable Parallel: On the recent creation/evolution debate
How should we react when someone won't see creation as a viable model of origins?