Culture Clashes

All In Context: Language, Culture, and Scripture
To see things accurately, we must view them in context.

Can I Speak Love in English?
When language fails, can I still love people?

God is not an American
Do you feel culturally superior? Resist ethnocentrism!

People Are People Everywhere
Not all things are cultural.

Rules...and What Our Hearts Beat
Learning and following rules is a must in a foreign culture, but it is your heart change that acclimates you.

The (Road) Rage Within
A happy face is no substitute for sincerity, just as clean driving doesn't negate road rage.

True Cultural Pride (taught by the Thai people)
Being welcomed in Thailand taught me that true pride shares.

When the Culture Wars Are Actually Spiritual
Culture stress can dull our spiritual sensitivity, so we must counter that with the armor of God.


Defining Home and Heaven
How do we define "home" to our TCKs? What creates our home here and in heaven?

Little Piggies for TCKs
Here's a fun way to teach your kids about culture: nursery rhymes!

A TCK's Thanksgiving Poem

5 Easy Ways to Give Kids a Global Perspective
Even if they live abroad, they need to know the world is not centered around them.

Folks Back Home

Consider It: An online Bible study
There is profound value in unfiltered accountability. If this means connecting over great distances, then do it.

Distance and What We Miss
There is loss in every choice.

Sorrow: Grieving from Afar
Whether you travel back or stay abroad, grieving loss while living far away creates hindrances to proper mourning. Make sure you grieve so you can heal.

When Social Media Disconnects You
Do you use Facebook to connect, or does it actually disconnect you from your family and host country?

Yes, I'm a Missionary. Aren't You?
What is your definition of "missionary"? Is it location, difficulty, or "calling"? Or is it obedience?