Aloha. Marhaba. Sawasdeeka. Anyanghasayo. 

I'm Malia. I've been blessed with many things, but the greatest is grace. I'm a flawed but fervent believer in Jesus Christ and an ever-learning servant of my Lord. My husband and children can attest to my imperfection, and another of my favorite blessings is that they still love me despite it.

Our family has been living overseas for almost 8 years. We've been in the Pacific, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and now in the Far East. My children are young and mix up how to say "thank you" in the appropriate language for where we are, but I know soon they will surpass me in their linguistic flexibility. Living abroad is our norm, and we cherish the experience.

My husband and I are high school teachers; we taught together for 5 years before our eldest was born and I became a stay-at-home mom. We now have three children who bring peace, joy, and love (respectively from oldest to youngest). 

This blog was born of my unsettled desire to reach other moms like me. I realize I am richly blessed with a supportive community of Christian homemakers, but not all have that fellowship. Even moms living in their home countries can feel like they are alone on a deserted island. I hope that if anyone feels isolated or disconnected, those sisters can find solace and inspiration here along with friendship and support.

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