28 February 2016

Week Recommendations #56

Words for We Who Live in Airports
These had me laughing out loud! If you frequent airports like our family, then these words will surely coax a giggle from you too.

Airportisms: New Words for your Travel Lexicon by Craig Thomson at Clearing Customs

How Traveling Educates 
I'm all for people traveling young. Then, it has the time to impact a whole life (instead of the second half of a life). Here, the author talks about what she learned on an international trip at age 15--how it changed the way she looked at the world and at her home in America. 

A Good Book: To Kill a Mockingbird
If you haven't read it, may I recommend it? This classic challenges us no matter our culture, background, or geography. Dr. Prior captures the good offered in its pages as a tribute to the late Harper Lee.

Harper Lee and the Moral Imagination by Karen Swallow Prior at Think Christian

Burnout in Ministry
Is there a way to give generously without sacrificing our health? Christopher Ash explains the premise of his coming book with this article discussing the unwise thinking that leads to burnout.

Children's Bible Lessons
I've been on the search for Bible teaching resources for young children. May I suggest a few that I've found? If you have others to recommend, I'd love to hear about them!

Lesson Plans/Bible Study
The Growing Reader Book of Prayer (out of print? check your library!)
You Can Change the World (an Operation World for kids)


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