15 February 2016

Week Recommendations #55

Good Short-term Mission Trips
So much has been said in the last couple years about short-term missions; it's almost an invitation for criticism if you support them. I appreciated this article that gave good advice for a successful mission trip--considering both those go for a brief visit and those who stay for the longterm.

Rescuing Short Term Missions: an interview by Daniel Darling at Christianity Today

Choosing Presence as Productivity
How often do I say the same things voiced in this article? "I'm not getting anything done!" because my kids are around and needing me? I love how Ruth lays out our misprioritized time and energy then invites us all back to relationships that matter. 

Definition of "Missionary"
Here's a controversial one. What do you think? It's good to hear both sides of this discussion--should the word "missionary" be reserved for those working cross-culturally?

Just Because You're a Christian Doesn't Mean You're a Missionary by David Joannes

Here is the video included on the page linked above. It's long but a good overview of both sides of the argument.

When Mom is Angry...
Have you read Sally Clarkson yet? I only recently discovered her books (specifically Desperate) and now want to read everything she's written. Here is a recent article about responding to Mommy Rage--and preventing it. Also, her newest book is advertised at the end.

The Life Giving Home (and how to listen to your heart when you hear the voice of anger) by Sally at The Better Mom

Here: At Home
With the beginning of 2016, I've been focusing on my one word: complete. So here's the original post that details why I chose the word and how I expect/hope to implement it. And here's the first follow-up post for the month of January, subtitled: "What makes a good day?"

Last week, I wrote this post about competition, coaching volleyball, and Christianity:

Competition Has Its Place by Malia at At Home Abroad


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