17 October 2015

Week Recommendations #54

Remembering a Martyr
Not many of us have heard of Annalena Tonelli, and that's the way she would've wanted it. Still, her impact on the people of Somalia continues on, over a decade after she was senselessly killed. This video is a tribute to her life as is this blog post by Rachel Pieh Jones. The documentary is 26 minutes long--and worth it.

What Is a Missionary?
Several months back, I recommended an article by Sarita Hartz on short-term missions. (It was phenomenal: brave and prescriptive.) Now, she's coming back with a full-blown missionary manifesto. Read it and consider it. Do you agree? What is your missionary manifesto?

The Missionary's Manifesto by Sarita Hartz at Whole

Stepping into Change
What lovely pictures and lovely word images here. Summer is (finally) transitioning out in Seoul, but every season is glorious when we walk with the Creator of time.

When Change is Hard, and It's Hard to Say Goodbye to a Season by Heather at A Holy Experience

Photo courtesy of Schyne

Good Habits and Thorough Work
If you've followed these recommendations for long enough, you know I'm a fan of Dr. Karen Swallow Prior. Not only does her writing slice through apathetic theology, but it also challenges me as a thinker--someone who wants to engage and change my little world. Recently, she did an interview explaining how she works (because she is both a successful writer and college professor, who also has hobbies and outside responsibilities). Her answers have once again pushed me to be better. I believe they will do the same for you.

How I Work: An Interview with Karen Swallow Prior by Joe Carter at The Gospel Coalition

Through Sickness and Health
Thais know how to make heartwarming commercials, and this one takes the (wedding) cake.

TCKs Have Got This
Every third culture kid will recognize these things as normal. They're actually true about third culture adults too.

22 Inevitable Consequences of Being a Third Culture Kid by Thalia Reus at Thought Catalog

When Mommy Monster Shows Up . . . 
Much props to this mama for her brave honesty. Don't we all wish the horror of our own anger would stay dormant? But even when what boils beneath spills onto those we love, there is grace and forgiveness and love that can restore our most precious relationships.

Grace Is Good Enough for Us by Glennon at Momastery

And some Soul music...
If you haven't tuned into Lauren Daigle yet, you need to. Here's a Switchfoot cover, but her original songs are amazing as well:

Here: At Home
This week, I took on the word "authenticity." How does "be yourself" fit in with "be like Jesus"?

Authenticity vs. Christlikeness by Malia at At Home Abroad


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