07 September 2015

Week Recommendations #53

Connection Groups at Velvet Ashes
Do you want to converse regularly with other women living cross-culturally? The fall session for Velvet Ashes' Connection Groups begins registration on Tuesday at 6pm (EST)! Check out their summary on how it works and why it's valuable, and you can also read a personal testimony on how the group impacted one woman by clicking here.

Connection Groups at Velvet Ashes

Longings while Living Her Dream
There is so much I love about this musing. She writes about missing the excitement of living overseas and about the quiet predictability of her "settled" life. Then . . . she begins defining home. It's lovely because it's raw--admitting the pain and embracing the present. It's powerful because it's hopeful.

A Mother Finds Her Way Home by Emily at MOPS

How the Whole Picture of Missions Has Freed Many
The world changed when blogs began. The world of missions was no exception. This post explores how missionaries were perceived before and how they are viewed now--how blogs have opened up perspectives and freed many from pride, negligence, and despair. 

Farewell to the Missionary Hero by Amy at Christianity Today

Online Bible Study of Galatians
There's a new verse-by-verse study starting this week on Paul's epistle to the Galatians. You can read along alone or grab a group together for accountability and encouragement. Check out how it works below:

Galatians at Love God Greatly

Here: At Home
The last two posts I've written have been almost a mini-series on accepting help. Obviously, this is something I need to process and apply myself! ^.^ The first is a comparison of my three-year-old daughter's whines to my own prayers. The second is a look at the link between receiving support and admitting weakness (and this was also a guest post on a blog I admire). 

Why Help Pains a Proud Heart by Malia at Velvet Ashes 


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