01 August 2015

Week Recommendations #52

Written by a college journalist, this article examines the effects of short-term mission/volunteer teams to Africa. Her firsthand examples are both enlightening and sad. Her conclusions give us much to consider and discuss.

"Voluntourism: More Harm than Good" by Heather at Collegian

The Weight of Ignorance in Morality
Two intense topics from the past week meet in this article. Which is worst: the slaughter of Cecil the Lion or the uncovered Planned Parenthood videos? This perspective takes us back into history and to the Bible.

"Is Cecil the Lion More Devastating than the Planned Parenthood Videos?" by Karen Swallow Prior at The Washington Post

Balancing Motherhood and Ministry
This seems to be the question repeated in Christian mom circles during the years of little ones: "How much should I do outside of the home?" This author redefines "balance" and gives a strong Biblical perspective to the dilemma.

"How Much Should a Mom Minister Outside the Home?" by Jeanne at True Women

Missionaries and Cross-cultural Workers: Take Vacations!
After a refreshing summer away, I appreciated the blunt honesty in this post about why missionaries should take vacations. Rest is needed, even--especially--for those living in "exotic" places. 

"Why I Can't Talk about My Vacation" by Anna at The Missions Blog

Cross-Cultural Parenting Books
There is a plethora of parenting books out there, but here are a few with the perspective of raising TCKs. If you're familiar with one, feel free to leave your insight in the comments. I enjoyed Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother!

"10 Must Read Parenting Books for Raising Multicultural Kids" by Olga at Multicultural Kid Blog

Here: At Home
I'm returning now from my summer away (both from my home abroad and blogging)! This week, I shared the 17 titles I've pulled from my shelves of unread books to finish this school year. Take a look and see if you recognize any, and feel free to share what you're reading and what you'd like to read this year.

"Book Notes: My List for the Year" by Malia at At Home Abroad


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