12 July 2015

Week Recommendations #51

Knowing Your Prompt
I was ecstatic to see two of my worlds merge in the publishing of this moving and challenging piece. My favorite college professor guest-posted on Ann Voskamp's blog. Both ladies have impacted me in different ways--in lifelong ways. This week, Dr. Prior talks about being a woman and about knowing your prompt. Read it; it's good.

Why Every Woman Should Know Her Prompt by Karen Swallow Prior at A Holy Experience

A Story: A Runner and Her Path
This article is more the length of a short book than a blog post, but it is captivating, inspiring, and educational. I'd recommend taking the time to read it--whether in segments or in one giant gulp. You'll be grateful you did. (It's about a runner from Djibouti.)

The Long Run by Rachel Pieh Jones at The Big Roundtable

Mom Encouragement: Don't Brush Them Off
I needed this piece this week. I doubt I'm the only who dove into summer with happy expectations of euphoric family time. Yet, every day, I find myself wishing for space and quiet and peace instead of the togetherness I had so looked forward to. Here, Nicolette shares how her perspective was slapped back into its rightful place, and she helped me to see things better too.

Before You Brush Them Off by Nicolette at How Does She 

Cutting Quote
And that last post reminded me of these wonderful words by Ann Voskamp:

Corporate Worship: Children in the Pews
This was a good read for me. More of my friends are going this route, so it's not so new anymore. Still, this post reminded me of the benefits of keeping children in the main service at church--but it's also combatting the urgency we parents often feel to entertain our kids constantly. It's okay. It's okay. It's okay for them to be bored.

It's Okay for Kids To Be Bored in Church by Melissa at Your Mom Has a Blog

Here: At Home
The first two articles in this recommendation list wooed me out of my blogging hiatus--because I wanted to share them so much! It's been good to rest for the past month for many reasons that may eventually find themselves woven into future posts. I apologize for ditching the online world without notice or explanation, but I admit my rejoining it will probably be just as sudden. Summer is a time of schedule upheaval, and I'm pressing into the inconsistencies, working to keep our family anchored in both faith and faithfulness. I pray your July is going well too.


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