25 May 2015

Week Recommendations #50

The Proper Equipping of Missionaries and the Fault of Sending the Eager-Yet-Clueless
There is so much good in this slightly snarky rant. If you romanticize missionaries, you may gasp at her conclusions. However, keep reading to the end. Being on the field gives her the "in" to speak to missionaries and idealists. Listen.

When the Very Best Missionary Isn't a Missionary At All by Jaime at Jaime The Very Worst Missionary

How To Talk To Overseas Friends Who Are "Home"
When coming back from lives abroad, we are changed. Sometimes, well-meaning friends ask difficult or insensitive questions that make us feel like hiding or writing a book or jumping back on a plane to where things have become "normal." This post is a list of pointers on how to ask good questions of friends just returning from a foreign country whether for a visit or longterm.  Pick up a tip or share this with others if you yourself are heading "back" this summer.

Say It, Don't Slay It at Wabota World 

"I bet you're so happy to be back!"

Love In the Everyday
Check out this illustrations by a Korean artist, depicting true love in everyday scenarios. Beautiful.

Puung's Artwork at Pulptastic

The Ache of June Goodbyes and August Hellos
If you are a teacher overseas, you know of the exodus come summer. This mom expresses the pain she feels year after year and works slowly through her possible reactions--closing her heart, moving away, trying again, etc. I hear the tears falling on the keyboard and echo her prayer for courage to face the summer yet again.

Third Culture Mom by Sarah at Piecemeal

A Heartbreaking and Life-changing Perspective of Persecution
This. Pray before reading. We are blessed to be sitting at computers, reading and writing. We are blessed, and we should bless. There is much and many broken in our world that can be redeemed. Are our hearts compassionate, content, and caring? Reading Ann's words here will open you up like it did me.

Into Iraq#2 by Ann Voskamp at A Holy Experience

Here: At Home
And my take on the June goodbyes? I'd rather take a vacation and avoid the month altogether. BUT that's not what I'm going to do. I'm going to walk the uphill path instead and invite you all to likewise say goodbyes instead of bad ones.

Numbness Makes for Badbyes by Malia at At Home Abroad


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