03 May 2015

A Tribute to Good Neighbors

This is what's been building up in our apartment over the past two weeks: boxes!

Boxes filled full.
Boxes taped tight.
Boxes piled high.
Boxes done right.

Done right until today, that is--the last day, when everything left over gets stuffed haphazardly in bags for the impending move to a different apartment in Seoul. But before that crazy party begins, I'm taking a break to pay tribute to one of the many things I'll miss about our home for the past 5 years: our Korean neighbors.

They lived across the hall from us and could've lived life completely separate. However, they took the effort to talk with us in humorous conversations of broken English and Korean. They offered to care for our plants when we left for our summer trips back to the States. They brought us gifts for holidays--sharing food and love across cultural lines.

And I realize it would've been easier for them to avoid the foreigners who moved in next door. But they chose not to. They chose to engage and encourage us, to involve themselves. I will always remember their gestures of hospitality. They have challenged me to reach out even when it's awkward, even when it's harder, even when it's inconvenient.

They have shown me how a good neighbor can help make a home sweet.

Abide in Him,

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