13 April 2015

Week Recommendations #47

The Good Story
Have you noticed the communication gap between missionaries and their sending churches? This new organization has a vision to bridge that gap. It's exciting! Watch this introduction video and check out their website: www.thegoodstory.co. You can also like their Facebook page to follow this 2015 project.

Soulful Worship Music
Recently, I discovered a talented artist, Lauren Daigle. Here is "How Can It Be":

Video on Human Trafficking
This is a much-discussed topic in our generation. Here is a simple but powerful video that defines what trafficking is:

How human trafficking works, captured brilliantly - and soberingly - by MTV EXIT. It'll be 4 minutes of time well spent. (Song: 'Broken Dreamers' by Paris-based artist Birkii.)
Posted by International Justice Mission on Thursday, March 26, 2015

Velvet Ashes Retreat
Have you registered for this yet? It's next week, and there is still plenty of time to get ready for an at-home retreat. They have excellent resources! {Go here.}

Upcoming Parenting Book Study
Several weeks back, I mentioned a new Facebook group called Family Discipleship. On May 1, they will run a book club on my favorite parenting book Give Them Grace by Elyse Fitzpatrick. Do you struggle with disciplining your kids, wondering if you're creating Pharisees? This is an excellent look at Scripture and Christ's example--it gives practical advice on how to teach the gospel in your parenting every day.

Here: At Home
Friends, I've had the flu. It's almost run its full course, but I foresee a crazy busy April before me as we move to a different apartment and host a handful of rotating houseguests. Still, there is so much I'm learning and composing (in my head) that I'd love to share with you and discuss with you. So hopefully, you will see me writing again soon. Thanks for reading!


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