31 March 2015

Week Recommendations #46

Retreat! (in a good way)
Check out these two retreats: one you can participate in wherever you are, the other you should make the trek to if it's in your driving radius.

Velvet Ashes
Release: Learning to Live Light and Free
The weekend of April 16-19
Watch this promo to learn more. Go to the link to register!

Nomads 2015
April 24-26 in Oklahoma City
Again, watch this promo to get excited. Then go to the link to register!

40 Scrumptious Food Photos
Do you like street food? If you're a traveler, the answer is yes. That is authenticity to its core! This post is full of great photos and recommendations from around the world

How Street Food is the Ultimate Travel Guide: 40 Favorite Street Food Dishes by Audrey at Uncornerned Market

For the Moms--Some Spiritual Tissues for the Cold Season

I like these two articles. The first tells us moms how our theology affects our parenting, how we must be diligent and faithful first in our dedication to and pursuit of God . . . before we try to mother. 

Moms Need Theology Too by Christina at Desiring God

This second one is a wonderful encouragement for us when the kids start to act up--much like bodies rebelling against sickness but instead it's the sickness of disobedience. Can we combat that much like we do other physical ailments?

Soul-Colds by Lindsey at Fenley Flat

Here: At Home
Well, we haven't been "at home" for over a week--my family, that is. It's been spring break, and we were in the Philippines. I've had ideas swarming in my head, so be on the look out soon for posts on being a hidden immigrant, for things to pack for kids on vacation, and maybe even finding medical help in unfamiliar places.

In the mean time, here are some posts from the last Philippines family trip we took:

Unwound from the Web: 5 blessings from my time offline
Why Missionaries Must Come Like Family Not Tourists


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