16 March 2015

Week Recommendations #45

Transitioning TCKs
I cannot tell you how awesome this article is. Go read it! If you have kids, it's like from-home cargo you value enough to pack in your precious baggage allowance. Here are 14 superb tips on how to transition your little kids from place to place with love, patience, and understanding.

Little Lives in Big Transitions by Lisa at A Life Overseas

Leading Our Young
What should be top on our priority list as moms? Of course, we must stay faithful and persistent to know God. Yes, we must support and love our husbands. Definitely, we must raise our children in health, love, and faith. What else? Education, work, homemaking, volunteering, projects, blogging--what else can we fit in? should we fit in? This article speaks like a crisp wind, slicing through the pollution of worldly expectation. What does God want us to have as mothers?

How Saving Face Relates to the Gospel
We subconsciously weave our culture into our religion. What must we know about honor-shame cultures before presenting the gospel to them? How can we be sure to present truth courageously (because the gospel itself is offensive) without tailoring the message to either my culture or theirs? This article addresses those questions, and the comments further the discussion. Here, we don't find all the answers--but we do begin to see why there needs to be questions.

4 Keys to Evangelism in Honor-Shame Cultures by Jackson at Christianity Today

Where's Your Couch?
Two articles I read this week dealt with finding your "couch." We women busy ourselves--whether it be with several outside-the-home activities or even with in-home maintenance. It's not laziness to desire rest or recreation (unless you're being irresponsible, of course!). 

This first post is from my friend Nikki's travel blog. She talks about seeing random couches around Al Ain in the UAE and finding her own spots of fun amidst the crazy too-busy-to-stop traffic of the area. Even if you don't live in the Middle East, you'll laugh along with her at the universality of people and the need to stop and sit.

Couches of Al Ain by Nikki at Nikki's Travel Blog

The second post about "couches" is specifically for moms who don't seem to have their own space. These little years mean stepping on toys, carrying kids into bed with us, and leaving all doors open in the house. Is there a place for privacy. This article says to make one.

To Moms, From Kid President
Okay, have you seen this? Get ready to slap your knee.

Here: At Home
I'm honored that my writing was featured on Velvet Ashes this week, during their theme of "Burnout." Did you see it there? :) I talk about exercise, exhaustion, and what perspective shift we need on our bodies. It's a life changer (at least for me). If it resonates with you too, please tell me. I'd love to connect with others with the same struggles and triumphs.

How My Exercise Dread Died by Malia at Velvet Ashes

And my good friend Becky (who is a phenomenal librarian) helped me compile a list of multicultural children's books for our Thursday focus on literature. Come see our recommendations and add yours in the comments.

Book Reads: Multicultural Children's Books by Becky and Malia at At Home Abroad


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  1. Thanks for the share, Shannon! I am also excited to learn about Jackson Wu and read up on honor-shame cultures' response to the gospel.


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