09 March 2015

Week Recommendations #44

The Movie
Were you able to see this film this week during its three-day showing? This is the awesome trailer that still get me every time.

Choosing Your Marriage or Your Ministry
What happens when your spouse doesn't support what you're doing "for God"? This article gives some good advice.

Seven Things to Consider if Your Spouse Is Not Supportive of Your Ministry by Thom at Thom S. Rainer

What #TheDress Debate Can Teach Us
So. Have you seen the dress? Did you see the right colors? Are we wasting our time? What does this show us--as consumers, as Christians? Well, for one thing, it teaches us about objectivity and absolute truth. Read this article. It's a great wake-up call from a laughable picture to the seriousness of how we view things. 

If I See Blue, and You See White, Why Does It Matter? by Karen Swallow Prior at Her.meneutics

Beyond Skype
Do feel like your kids are missing out on knowing their relatives far away? Well, they don't have to. This article gives excellent ideas that go beyond the weekly skype call. Try one or them all?

Keeping In Touch Long Distance by Rachel Pieh Jones at A Life Overseas

Easy Spring Cleaning
It's March. If you're not ready for heavy duty cleaning and purging, you can start with this.

5 Quick Things You Can Do To Make Your Home Look More Organized by Becky at Thirty HandMade Days

Here: At Home
Sometimes, participating in overseas missions (or a ministry far from your home) feels far more heroic than being faithful in everyday situations. But how can we be effective afar if we're not the same nearby? Isn't that hypocritical? Come watch a short film that can feed this notion and read more about why we need to be missionaries wherever we are.

Farsighted Missions vs. The Unheroic Everyday by Malia at At Home Abroad

We will continue to talk about books each Thursday in lieu of beginning our next book together in April. Come read more about that here: Book Notes: What I'm Reading.

And lastly, how do you respond to crisis? When we are uprooted from our normal, shaken free from our securities--what is there left to hold? When my family was slapped with life-changing news, I composed one of my most emotional sonnets, which I share in this post:

When Crisis Shook Me by Malia at At Home Abroad


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