12 March 2015

Burnout, Body Image, and Giving God My Best

Where should health rank in relation to ministry, family, and hobbies? When do our bodies become a hindrance, and when does exercise become an idol?

Should we really be concerned about being fit when there is work to be done?

These are the tough questions that pushed me to write this post--How My Exercise Dread Died--for Velvet Ashes' week on "Burnout."

I am not an exercise guru, but I did marry one. My husband is such a natural at sports that he quickly surpassed me in the two activities I taught him: volleyball and surfing. Suffice it to say, I’ve eaten my share of pie, ­­both humble and coconut cream, ­­that has added to a mounting resentment toward exercise.

While working up a sweat can be fun, I readily agree, the time and energy required for fitness seemed to evaporate after I moved overseas and started having babies. The pressures of cross­cultural living piled onto the multi­tasking talents of motherhood knocked me flat whenever there was room to choose a pastime. Hm, exercise or nap?​ No brainer.

And there were days when I could barely crawl to my bed at night, swallowing hard tears of the day’s endless grovel before expectations, ­­language, homemaking, parenting, writing, relationships, and surviving in unfamiliarity. Could I really wake up and do it again?


You can read the rest at Velvet Ashes by clicking here


  1. Love this! Very good points. Exercise for Him; as in everything else too. Exercise isn't something I had previously thought of though in this way.

    1. I know, right? The common "Christian" perception of exercise is to take care of our temple because it's where the Holy Spirit resides (and this IS true); however, I am so thankful that God has shown me how exercise is also worship. I now see it as a means to serve Him because then I'm ready--physically--to do His will at any time. :) Thanks for commenting, Charlene!


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