28 February 2015

Week Recommendations #43

Wholeness Parenting
How do we prepare our children for this broken world? What is the alternative to hovering over them all the time? Here is some sound advice from a mom who is bravely facing the future with her young ones.

Wholeness Parenting: An alternative to helicopter and free-range parenting by Lisa-Jo at LisaJoBaker.com

Friends Leaving?
It's that time of year again when expats decide The Question: Is it time to go back? This article walks with one of those remaining behind and the comments go deeper in giving help for the pain and growth involved in saying goodbye.

The Transient Community of A Life Overseas by Lauren at Velvet Ashes

To See and To Be the Difference
This is a touching guest post on Ann Voskamp's blog. It shows the impact people can have cross-culturally right in the middle of America. Not only that, it shows the difference people can make right next door--without even crossing a culture. There is always someone who wants to see, who aches to contribute, belong, and believe.

How To Beautifully See the World More Clearly by Kristen at A Holy Experience

A Book List for Missionaries
This is a short list but with honest, thorough recommendations. Check it out if you'd like to read some material about being overseas, mission-minded, or cross-cultural.

Missionary Books I Recommend by Elizabeth at The Trotter Family

Here, at Home
We finished reading Behind the Beautiful Forevers this week. If you haven't picked up this book yet, do so with the expectation to be changed. It's easy to read because of its narrative flow, but it's not easy to read because of its heavy, heart-breaking content. Thursday's final post discusses hope.

In the Absence of Hope by Malia at At Home Abroad


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