22 February 2015

Week Recommendations #42

Short-Term Mission Trips: Do Them?
So much has been said about these trips, but here is an article by someone who has been on both sides: the going and the receiving. Her perspective is worth the (long) read.

10 Steps For Doing Short Term Mission Trips Well by Sarita at Whole

Connection Groups at Velvet Ashes
Here is an opportunity to link arms with other women like you around the world. Check out their page for details on how this works, but if you're involved in overseas missions or have recently returned from being abroad, a group like this may be nourishing food to your soul.

Connection Groups at Velvet Ashes

A Brother's Response to ISIS
No doubt you've seen the horrific images of the murders of 21 Egyptian Christians. Have you heard the response by one family member? It's amazing.  Here is the radio conversation:

Post by SAT-7.

And here is Ann Voskamp's blog about the same:
The Wake Up Call That Is ISIS: Who in the church is answering?

Now What Do We Do?
With darkness leading the news stories, how should we respond? Suddenly, we're reminded of the brokenness of our world and the need for God. Although not as a reply to the recent events, Jen Thorn wrote a devotional this week about how we should live . . . knowing our own mortality and the brevity of life.

The End Is Near So What Should We Do? by Jen at Love God Greatly

Here: At Home
I was honored to be on Rachel Pieh Jones' blog this week, talking about airplane travel and the predictable setting of cabin pressure, seat pockets, and tray tables. Do you fly--a little or a lot? Come see if you identify with my family of five. 

Let's Go Flaneuring on Airplanes by Malia at Djibouti Jones

While reading one of the Little House books with my daughter, I was struck by how a simple momento brought along can make any place feel settled--and it helps our hearts settle. Do you agree? Do you have other tips on how to unpack our hearts when we move?

Unpack Your China Shepherdess by Malia at At Home Abroad

And lastly, we continued our book study of Behind the Beautiful Forevers on Thursday with Part 3. Join us there or in our new Facebook group to discuss this powerful but painful book.

To Survive or To Strive by Malia at At Home Abroad


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