16 February 2015

Week Recommendations #41

Ministering Alone (without God)
Love this. What often starts as a faith-filled endeavor can transform into a personal agenda. May we all have the courage to ask these hard questions too.

God's Work without God by Laura at Laura Parker Blog

Travel Tips
Want so practical hacks for airplane travel? Here's a list.

Travel Hacks by Jennifer at Princess Pinky Girl

Marriage Abroad
Very bluntly put, here is a man confessing how his marriage almost died because he put ministry before it. It's a clear warning to keep priorities as the Bible commands.

Advice from an Expert: How to Save the World and Destroy Your Marriage by Andy at A Life Overseas

Throwback Posts
In honor of Valentine's Day, here are some lovely pieces on marriage:
Marriage: The Home in My Heart
Ask Him the Hard Questions
Sin's Curse, Labor, and Teamwork
Blending Well: A 3-part mini-series on cross-cultural marriage

And here is one on Lent, since it begins this Wednesday:
A Somber Celebration: Lent

Here: At Home
This week, we discussed the second part of Behind the Beautiful Forevers in our Thursday book club. Why Dreams Turn to Ash talks about how what we want can collide with what others expect of us. How can these two be aligned? How are we to live at peace? Can we pursue our dreams? Come join the discussion.


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