08 February 2015

Week Recommendations #40

A Testimony of Courage
I've been reading Rachel Pieh Jones' writing for about a year and have appreciated her insightful way of voicing the expat experience and the straightforward way she navigates faith's surprises. But now--she has told her story,  a mini-book length essay of her experience in Somaliland and Djibouti and her grip on courage, fear, hope, and peace. Sit comfortably for about an hour-long journey into missions, danger, culture, and distance. Or you could break up the reading into a few sessions (like I had to, with my young kids) and still walk away feeling grateful and encouraged.

The Proper Weight of Fear by Rachel Pieh Jones at The Big Roundtable

This Land, This World
We've given up trying to watch the Superbowl overseas, but it's still nice to view highlights and the best commercials of the year. Here's one:

"Give Yourself Grace"
Oh this is a common phrase thrown out to anyone experiencing culture shock--or any transition or crisis! But what does it mean? Here are some great suggestions to get us past what the cliche seems to say now: a mere "this too shall pass." 

How To Give Yourself Grace by Robynn at A Life Overseas

Time Out for Mommy
Yes, she gets me. I love my kids so much! But sometimes, I need a time out too--sometimes because I am misbehaving but mostly just because I need to breathe. Can anyone relate? Becky talks about One who understands crowds, demands, and personal space.

Here: At Home
This week marked our first online discussion over a book. (Yay!) We read the prologue and Part 1 of Behind the Beautiful Forevers. You're welcome to join us every Thursday for these interactive talks. We'll continue in this book through February, and you can see the reading schedule {here}.  


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