18 February 2015

The (Airplane) Journey Matters Too

We take a lot of flights. Maybe it's part of living abroad, and maybe it's also a part of us. But no matter how prone we are to travel, the inevitable airplane ride can either be a dreaded passage or an anticipated segment of the adventure. We're trying to choose the latter.

Today, I'm over at Djibouti Jones describing our frequent airline experience: Let's Go Flaneuring on Airplanes.


We glide through security, as graciously as a five-part family with carry-ons and a stroller can, because it is second nature. Because it is what we do.

We travel.

My toddler girl waddles through the metal detector then stands with her feet spread and arms extended, unprompted. The guard laughs and waves his wand around her miniature body just to humor her. But she is all seriousness because this is what we do.

My preschooler stands on tip-toe at the immigration desk, making the face he knows is pictured in his passport. Little clown, it’s a smirk, and he’s mastered it. My kindergartener shoulders her backpack along with both her siblings’ so we can move along faster. If I am a second slow, she’ll also get behind the stroller to push her little sister. She’s better at this than I am.

You can read the rest at Djibouti Jones by clicking here.

Abide in Him,

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  1. I still get nervous when it comes to flying. I have only been on a plane a handful of times, but every time it never fails, I have probably said like 50 prayers before the flight is over lol. Thanks for sharing!! #shinebloghop


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