18 January 2015

Week Recommendations #37

How Missions Affects Families
Here's an honest musing by a sister watching her family separate in the name of missions. What a great perspective and reminder of why we are on earth.

Does Missions Separate Families by Rebekah at Barren to Beautiful

Expats Live Changed Lives
Being overseas affects us from that first plane ride on until always. Here are 17 ways how.

The Messy Reality of Parenthood
Oh fun! These are so realistic that they are hilarious!

Checklist for an Extended Visit "Home"
This is one mom's (very good) list of what to do to prepare for her family's furlough in the States. If you'll be traveling in the next year for a longer period than the quick week "hello," check out her suggestions and the many comments that add great ideas. 

Students, Parents, and the Mission Field
I liked reading this article even though it doesn't apply to me yet. :) My children are still very young, and I'm already far from my own parents. Still, there was so much to consider here: respect, consistency, prayer, commitment. Read it, too. 

Here: At Home
Well, friends, I've not been writing here for a couple weeks, and that's okay. In fact, it's good--because I'm pretty occupied with my family as we transition back to our lives abroad and prepare for another semester of schooling (at international school for my oldest and at home for my younger two). My word for 2015 has been in effect--I've been weighing what counts and making better choices. (Praise to God! I'm so thankful!) I'll be back to the keyboard when jet lag lets me stay up later than my 2-year-old daughter's bedtime.  Until then, abide in Him and choose joy. ~Malia


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