12 January 2015

Week Recommendations #36

Singing Joy as a Foreigner
I love this. We can have joy even if we feel displaced.

Singing songs of Joy in a Foreign Land by Marilyn Gardner at A Life Overseas

The Fault in Selflessness
What's wrong with serving everyone else first? Isn't that what we're supposed to do? Well, this article argues for a new way to serve, one that encouraged health and balance.

An Epidemic of Selflessness by Micah McLaughlin at Continuum Healing

That Doesn't Translate
Maybe you've seen these before but somehow they're fun to revisit. Here are a number of words from different languages that do not translate concisely (because they are characteristic of that culture). Fun!

Say What? 11 untranslatable words from other cultures on MNN

Savoring Every Second
And Ann needs no introduction. Just dive in. Here is her post on how to live better. And she's right.

How to Mine Your 2015 for Unexpected Diamonds by Ann Voskamp on A Holy Experience

Here: At Home
This week, I traveled back to Seoul with my family. But before that, I found out that a friend had suddenly died, leaving loved ones all around the world in shock. (She lived abroad in several places over the past 5 years.) Saddened, I returned to this post about mourning from far away.

Sorrow: Grieving From Afar at At Home Abroad


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