26 January 2015

Book Club Proposal for You

**UPDATE: We will begin a book club. See this post for details! **

I'm all about books. I read them by the pile (usually stacked 5-10 high, no joke), review them, teach them, and even write them (but that's another story, literally). I loved scooping truth out of texts with my middle, high school, and college students during my six years of classroom teaching. And after being part of a fantastic book club in Bangkok, I started one up in Seoul with a similar format. That's been going on for five years now.

But I've not hosted a book club online until maybe now.

This post is a proposal to my blog readers--YOU. Would you like to read alongside me? Are you interested in joining discussions once a week on literature that has cross-cultural themes? I don't want to begin something that yields no interest or involvement. So if you'd be up to joining me or if you have questions, please respond asap either by commenting on this post or contacting me directly.

The book with which we'd begin hardly needs introduction. Behind the Beautiful Forevers won the 2012 National Book Award. Written by Pulitzer Prize winner, Katherine Boo, it is a work of narrative nonfiction, based on several years of intense research.

We would read this book during February, broken into 4 week-long segments. I would write a post once a week and invite participation here on the blog.

After hearing feedback, I will decide about this possible addition to At Home Abroad by this weekend. So please send your comments my way if an online book club is something you'd enjoy!

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  1. Yes. This book has been on my shelf for a while now. Let me know if there is enough interest. I found you through the Mom 2 Mom link-up.

    1. Thanks for letting me know, Kathryn! It looks like we're a "go" with at least 5 women ready to read. I have a feeling the smaller group will lend to wonderful discussions! I'll be posting details today.

  2. I have been wanting to join a book club but have not been able to find one with common interests. This sounds great. I hope to hear that there is enough interest to get it started.

    1. Wonderful! Yes, we have a handful of interested readers, which is plenty for me! I'll be posting information later today, and I can't wait to discuss these important themes and hear your voice in the group.

  3. Thanks for such a great idea! Eventhough I am not native of English, loved to read and to learn new things everyday. Got the book on a Kindle yesterday and start to read last night. Thought so far there is many words new to me, have been loving the narrative. Looking forward to read more and more. So blessed to be part in here.

    1. I'm glad you're reading the book too! The first post on the prologue and Part 1 went up on the blog yesterday, so I'd love to hear your thoughts there.


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