29 January 2015

Book Club: Beginning!

A few days ago, I put out a query to see if there was interest in a book club hosted here. After receiving several excited "yes!" replies, we're going to go ahead and begin! Our group may start out small, but I actually prefer that as we get moving and learn how we'd like things to look. Please offer your feedback and suggestions at any time!

Here's what we've got so far:

Anyone is welcome to read along, view the weekly posts, and participate in discussions in the comments.
We do not have an official name, as of now. Ideas? I do hope to personalize this group with one soon.

We will read books with cross-cultural themes.
Our first book is Behind the Beautiful Forevers by Katherine Boo.
Subsequent books are not yet chosen, so you may submit your suggestions!

Book club posts will appear on Thursdays.
[Now, this is my Thursday in Seoul, Korea. It may be your Wednesday, depending on where you are in the world.]

Posts and discussions (comments) will be on this blog: athomeabroadblog.blogspot.com.

The purpose of this book club is to read together and then discuss what important facts, art, application, and/or theories surface from the reading. The ultimate goal is to become better people by fully engaging the truths we discover and seeing God in situations and people and ideas.

Because of who I am and what this blog usually targets, the Thursday posts I write will be from a Christian perspective, alert to culture, faith, and family. Of course, though, if other important themes dominate, I will not stretch the text to reach these topics.

Reading Plan for Behind the Beautiful Forevers in February
The chapters listed is what will be covered on that date. In other words, you should read that much before that Thursday.

February 5: Prologue, Part 1
February 12: Part 2
February 19: Part 3
February 26: Part 4

So what do you do now?
Buy or borrow a book. Start reading. Engage and enjoy!
Come back next Thursday to begin our discussions on the first section. If you think you'll forget, follow me by one of these methods to get a reminder when the post is up: FacebookGoogle+Pinterest or Twitter.

View this video if you need further encouragement:

And browse this site if you'd like to know more about Katherine Boo and the success this book has already had.

I'm excited to learn with you!

Abide in Him,

Are you joining us? I'd love to know!
Have you been to India? If so, please tell us of your experience now before we delve into a book focusing on Mumbai.


  1. I would like to do this. I put a hold on the book at our library. I'm #3 on 3 copies so I hope I can get it quickly. It looks like a book I will enjoy.

    1. Great! I hope you get the book soon. The first post on the prologue and Part 1 went up yesterday, but you can, of course, access it whenever you have finished reading that section. I look forward to discussing it with you!


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