08 December 2014

Week Recommendations #34

Christmas: An Animated Explanation
May we not forget Jesus during the holidays.

The Story of Christmas from GENESIS on Vimeo.

The Blessing of Weakness
When my strength is not enough, I don't automatically welcome help or freely become vulnerable. That is pride. I love this simple, deep image of how weakness is a blessing.

When You Have to be Carried by Erin at A Life Overseas

Gift Ideas for Those Overseas
Here are more gift ideas for people far away. They are practical when you consider shipping costs and different needs abroad.

5 Christmas Gifts You Can Send to Your Missionary by Rosilind Jukic at Missional Call

My Favorite Christmas Song
Enjoy! And rejoice because "God is not dead nor does He sleep!"

Crafting with the Kids
These are two posts that contain hundreds of links to creative crafts for the Christmas season. Both are by Kids Activities Blog.

20 Beautiful Crafts Kids Can Make (to give as Christmas gifts)
250+ of the Best Christmas Crafts (to teach, decorate, and/or give away)

Here: At Home
How often do we run from risk because we're playing it safe? How often do we pray for safety because of our fear? Isn't there a better way to live and to pray?

Don't Pray for Safety by Malia at At Home Abroad


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