24 November 2014

Week Recommendations #32

Perspectives Class on Missional Living
Do you want to expand your thinking about missions--both locally and globally? These courses are offered all over America. Consider it! Check out the promotional video below and their website here: Perspectives on the World Christian Movement.

Giving Gifts Overseas
If you are abroad or want to give gifts to someone abroad, this post is helpful. She gives a handful of ideas that are practical when considering the distance, shipping costs, and vastly different needs of people living far from their home countries.

Gift-giving for the Far-away Family by Karen Huber

Free E-book: Mom Enough
Oh, I'm stoked about this. Desiring God just released a book entitled Mom Enough, and I'm already sold on it because the list of contributing authors includes two of my favorites: Rachel Pieh Jones and Rachel Jankovic. You can download the text for free on their website or buy a paperback from Amazon. I may be calling together a book club in the near future . . .

Mom Enough (New Book) by Tony Reinke at Desiring God

When Passion and Work Collide
Here's a kind but direct snap-back-answer to a common entitlement question: "What do I do if my work isn't nurturing my passion?" If you, like me, have ever felt like your day-to-day should be chucked for something more aligned with creativity and greatness, a good dose of reality and responsibility is occasionally needed, even if not wanted.

Follow My Passion Where, Exactly? by Laura at FaithStreet

Advent Bible Study
Love God Greatly is gearing up for their next online Bible study: The Road to Christmas. It starts on December 1, so you have this week to convince yourself that preparing for Christmas is well-worth your precious holiday time.

{Even if you do not choose to do this study, please consider some sort of Advent tradition. It's too easy to get lost in the silver bells and oh-Christmas trees. It's too easy to bypass a stable when all of Bethlehem is bustling with out-of-town guests. Consider slowing to the pace of a baby's breathing and listening to the choir of angels.}

Here: At Home
No matter where we live--or you live--kids will first copy their parents. I'm realizing that even though we live overseas and are exposing our children to diversity, they still need training to switch their mindset from self-centeredness to global-awareness. So I'm on a quest to direct their eyes heavenward where they can align their views with God's aerial perspective of culture, countries, languages, and the common need of Jesus. Here is the first step of that journey:

5 Easy Ways to Give Kids a Global Perspective by Malia at At Home Abroad 


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