09 November 2014

Week Recommendations #30

Village of Hope Uganda
My dear kindergarten teacher (yes, from when I was 5 years old) made an impact on my life--then she continued to influence others wherever she went. Most recently, she founded and runs two villages in Uganda to shelter, feed, educate, and love the victims of Uganda's relentless wars: the child soldiers, sex slaves, and child mothers. Here are three posts that speak of the life-changing ministry there, beginning with a powerful video overview:

And here is a page from their website that details how you can help these children. Possibly a gift idea for Christmas?

Children's Catalog at Village of Hope Uganda

Lastly, from this amazing organization, here is an article written by the founder, Cindy Cunningham, on how God may lead us in a seeming roundabout way to fulfill His will and match the desires of our hearts.

Wherever You Lead by Cindy Cunningham at Village of Hope Uganda

Gratitude Bible Study
Would you like to dedicate 2 weeks to studying thankfulness and the source of gratitude? Love God Greatly is hosting another Scripture-based study, and you're just in time to join it. Read here to learn why I think online Bible study is a good option for overseas workers, and contact me if you'd like to join the group I'm leading or would like to know more information. ^^

Ultimate Christian Living Bundle
If you're wanting to fill your e-library with lots of great Christian titles, you've got a couple days left to order this bundle. Here is one of the websites hosting this deal, so you can check out what authors are featured and what other features are included (printables, etc.)

Why Buy the Ultimate Christian Living Bundle? by Tauna at Proverbial Homemaker

Here: At Home
We've hit some heavy topics in the past couple weeks. First, drawing wisdom from the life of Moses, this post talked about how missionaries need more than just passion to be effective. Second, to battle my own homesickness, I wrote this one that is still echoing its admonition in my ears days later: To the Expat Mom Who Wants to Go Home.


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