19 October 2014

Week Recommendations #29

Strong Faith Lives in the World
Not for the naive, this essay attacks the Pharisaical holier-than-thou attitude that pushes away others of different religions. Yes, we are to keep close to friends of our faith for accountability and encouragement, but we are also to live in the world and be the extension of Jesus' love here. How strong is our faith?

Red, Hot Rage by Marilyn Gardner on DjiboutiJones.com

The Culture Compromise
Two articles this week really go well together on the topic of culture compromise. When do we adjust our standards to fit with cultural shifts? When do we remain stubbornly different?

The first is a devotional shared by Courtney Joseph of Women Living Well. Below is her sharing about Genesis 19 (Sodom and Gomorrah). You can read her whole article here: When Christianity and Culture Collide.

The second article about cultural shifts is on how Hillsong, a popular and influential church, is responding--or not responding--to questions about doctrine and absolutes. The topic is controversial, of course, but their answers should not be shaky when based on the Bible.

A Church in Exile by Andrew Walker on First Things

Rest Away and Prayer Sustenance Within
Here are two articles by Karen Swallow Prior. The first talks about the importance of Sabbath rest and how hers may look different but still provides the refreshing refocus and meditation needed to find joy in work. The second is a review of a prayer book, and she tells us the impact that prayer should have on our busyness. I love how these two articles complement each other.

Little Sabbath Rests by Karen Swallow Prior on Tim's Blog

Prayer that Can Sustain the Busy Life by Karen Swallow Prior on FaithStreet

A Reminder about Staying at Home
For those who work at home or have spouses that work at home, this article speaks beautifully of how the balance is a blessing to our families. It's good to be reminded and thankful.

Being a Stay-At-Home Parent is a Luxury...for Your Spouse by Chaunie Brusie at Babble

What's In a Name?
And here's a fun, heartwarming video. It reminds me of two things. First, I am Malia, not just Mommy. I am still an individual and must remember that I am not a robot. So I need to nourish my own soul with God's daily bread as I likewise feed and care for my children. Second, little things make big differences. What little things can I do for others each day?

Here: At Home
And here at At Home Abroad, we talked about habits that cannot wait. Sometimes, we put off these things because our kids our too young to notice. But don't delay!

Don't Delay: 3 Habits Moms Should Start ASAP


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