05 October 2014

Week Recommendations #28

Out of the Mouths of (Third Culture) Babes
Get ready to laugh! Here is a collection of quotes by TCKs as they discover how "normal" looks to the Western world.

Funny Things Third Culture Kids Say by Rachel Pieh Jones at A Life Overseas

To Live What We Believe
Ann Voskamp is in Rwanda, and her blog this week has been emotional, challenging--difficult to read because of the depth and conviction. This post was especially somber as it remembers the holocaust and the genocide in Rwanda. 

A Life to Know and Emulate
One of my favorite authors (and definitely my favorite professor), Karen Swallow Prior, has a forthcoming new book, Fierce Convictions: The Extraordinary Life of Hannah More. You can learn about it at fierceconvictions.com and watch this trailer to get excited for what will certainly be an impacting read.

New Third Culture Blog at Christianity Today
This looks promising! Although his introduction (linked here) is more a definition of third culture, it seems his blog will approach pertinent Christian issues with a global, mulitcultural mindset. We can only wait and see!

Third Culture: Faith from the hyphenated point of view by Peter Chin at Christianity Today

Ridiculously Expensive and Luxurious Flight
Don't look at this unless you can laugh at yourself and the normalcy of economy air travel. Here, a young engineer turned in his frequent flier miles for the most luxurious air accommodations on earth. And he blogged about it. Enjoy!

What It’s like to Fly the $23,000 Singapore Airlines Suites Class by Derek Low at Medium.com.

Here: At Home
This week, I showed how an easy-to-make countdown booklet eased the separation from our kids this summer. My husband and I took a week-long anniversary vacation, but we left our children with reminders of our love for them and a way for them to keep track of the days.


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