27 September 2014

Week Recommendations #27

Say You're Good At It
This article has really impacted me. I needed the kick to start noticing that I am good at things . . . and not failing at everything! Today, I realized that I am really good at unpacking from a vacation (our weekend away) and from a huge grocery shopping trip (stocking up on imported goods). Yay! There is much I can work on, but it's good to recognize your strengths and do little victory cheers along the way.

Closing the Confidence Gap by Rachel Pieh Jones at She Loves Magazine

Say "No"
Oh c'mon, we've heard it but we still don't do it. Are you still doing too much? Let's hear it said again (very well) here:

Saying No to 100 Things by Christy at The Better Mom

Say "Yes"
This is a good take on Esther's famous line "for such a time as this." Don't wait to do BIG things for God. He has us in the here and now for a purpose too.

Saying Yes in the Here and Now by Whitney at Love God Greatly

Say an Informed Prayer
This is a challenge I needed to read. How often do I pray with general terms? And how am I teaching my children to pray? Research is important, and we should take this example to heart and say informed prayers.

Say Nothing
When was the last time you heard worship in another language, or at least from another culture? It's moving. You hear emotions instead of ideas, voices instead of lyrics, devotion instead of talent. Here are children at the Village of Hope Uganda singing "Lord, I want to serve You." You may not be able to sing along, but then again you can . . . with your emotion and devotion and yes, even your voice. (They are singing in English, but listen first to their music and passion!)

Here: At Home
At Home Abroad has been looking at connection recently, first in verse--talking about how we who are rooted in the same Vine can bond deeply. Then again, we talked about the effects of distance and what we miss here and there.

Also, I shared about my struggle to choose a schooling option for my oldest child. In the process, I realized that school is not the end-all choice for moms.


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  1. There are so many great reads here. Thanks so much for sharing them at the Mom 2 Mom Monday Link Up! The "Saying Yes" image up there really hit me.


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