13 September 2014

Week Recommendations #26

Being the New Girl in the Country
I love the honesty here. She's not a stranger to overseas living, but she is to Africa. And no matter where it is--in remote jungles or in suburban USA--it's hard to be the new girl. Come read her awesome conclusion to a universal insecurity.

What Scares Me Most by Joy Forney at Savoring the Everday Sacred

All TCKs, Smile and Nod
Here's quick list of things that only TCKs experience, and these similarities are a huge reason why they bond together no matter what variegated background each has.

24 Struggles All Third Culture Kids Understand by Kovie Biakolo at Thought Catalog

Bringing Down Expat Stress
There's no denying the pressure felt from living outside of your own culture. Here are a few suggestions (good ones!) to help us deal with the stress and come out feeling empowered and equipped to face another day as expats.

4 Things You Could Do by Tara Livesay at A Life Overseas

Book Club with the Author
I'm a week late on this (sorry), but Lisa-Jo Baker is running a book club over her recent release Surprised by Motherhood. See the details here, the instructions for week 1 here, and even the first couple chapters for free here.

A Book List for Nerds Like Me
Oh dear, I just got very excited. If you've been here long enough, you know I'm a bookworm. But did you know I devoured reading assignments in school too? Yes, if I could've been a permanent English class student, that would be my life's journey. But alas . . . here is a book list for adults like me--ones that wish we were still given assignments of the best literature in the world.

A Book List for Grown-ups Who Wish They Could Go Back to School by Amy Julia Becker at Christianity Today

Here: At Home
As my world rearranges itself and a new normalcy sets in, I'm looking at my online life and trying to manage it more intentionally. This post is my plan to be better at harnessing the beast that is the Internet: 5 Questions To Ask before I Wake My Online World.

Also, I considered the effects of stress on spiritual sensitivity--how we can mistaken one for the other in the blur of cross-cultural living: When the Culture Wars Are Actually Spiritual


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