07 September 2014

Week Recommendations #25

TCK Podcasts
Listen in to these recent interviews for and about third culture kids/adults!

As Told by Nomads by Tayo Rockson

When the Balancing Act Looks Clumsy
Here's some honesty about busyness and priorities and excellence. Do we quit or do we persevere? It's not really about the difficulty of your routine but about the balance mark--your point of focus. (When I took gymnastics, we actually had an X on the wall for us to keep our eyes on. That's what I mean by "balance mark.")

In which I Write about Balance Beams, Footing, and Not Writing by Ruth at GraceLaced

Respect Breeds Heroism
Need a reminder of why we should respect our husbands? Not only is it commanded in the Bible, but it is also logical and helps you, the wife.

Help Him Be Your Hero by Shaunti Feldhahn at Godly Womanhood

The Boarding School Choice
The choices we make for our children are so personal and yet so public, aren't they? Rachel Pieh Jones addresses some insensitive statements made to her regarding boarding school--and challenges us all.

What Not to Say to the Parents of Boarding School Kids by Rachel Pieh Jones at Brain, Child

A Whole Look at Abstinence
How many are scared into a choice of abstinence...so a fear is associated with intimacy? Ann Voskamp bravely tells how bodies and souls are linked and how that transfers into a new perspective on purity.

Dear Kids: Why Wait till Marriage by Ann Voskamp at A Holy Experience

Bible Study Fellowship International
Have you just moved to a new place and want to study the Bible? BSF is worldwide, so check if there's one nearby your new home. This is a deep, verse-by-verse study that will challenge you to read and meditate on Scripture.

BSF International: Locate a class

Here: At Home
This week, I thought long and hard about the temptation I've felt to walk away from "the little things" to pursue more recognized work. Have you heard that siren call too? We must be faithful to what "talents" our Master gives us!

The Siren Call of Earthly Significance by Malia at At Home Abroad


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