19 September 2014

Connecting Vine: A Sonnet

Cut off from the comforts of my home,
Outstanding senses cloud my swollen head.
No one pats my back; I feel alone,
Nose-deep in my homesickness and dread.
Expats steal a glance and slip a grin,
Camaraderie of life outside the castes.
Taking, in my longing to fit in,
Inadequate connections that won't last.
Nothing reaches deep like the Vine --
Giving nourishment with joy and hope beside,

Virtually feeding the divine
Into lives of those who will abide.
No bind ties me tighter to my friend,
Entwined with the Vine -- we blend.

In friendships too,
Abide in Him,

What ways have you found to connect with other believers when isolated by distance? How can you still draw the connecting nutrients from the same Vine?

To read more about connecting, come join the conversation at Velvet Ashes' The Grove.

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  1. This is beautiful, Malia! So much in so few words. And so very relatable. Thank you for sharing! May it be true for all of us, "Entwined with the Vine - we blend."

  2. Beautiful and true. These are the words that will stay with you and nourish. I'll be back frequently and will share this link! Thanks for Connecting!


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