30 August 2014

Week Recommendations #24

Missions, Moms, and the Mirage
Being a mom is challenge enough, but add on to that the expectations of a missionary and an expat and you have the formula for insecurity and disappointment. We need to refocus and remember that God puts our children into our hands, and our mission is them first and foremost.

Missionary Mommy Wars by Jonathan Trotter at A Life Overseas

A Challenge to See--Really See--People

Helping Our Husbands
What does the Bible say we must do for our husbands? Am I supposed to put away his laundry or help grade his papers? Well, Scripture isn't specific on things like that, but we may get caught up in them instead of remembering these very important duties as helpmates. 

4 Ways to Live Out Your Role as Helper by Jen Thorn at Time-Warp Wife

A Good Day
So many of us in early motherhood need this perspective check and this redefinition of productivity. 

It's Their Day Too by Katie Blackburn at Coffee and Crumbs

Online Bible Study: Esther
Love God Greatly is leading another 8-week in-depth study, starting Monday, September 1. It's not too late to join! You can grab some friends and form a small group, or you can ask to join an existing group by clicking here. If you've never done online Bible study before, consider it!


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