16 August 2014

Week Recommendations #23

Expectations and Jesus' Word
What we believe about Jesus affects how we deal with the world--every day and in every way. We cannot call Him a liar unless we really know what He said.

Is Jesus a Liar? by Rachel Pieh Jones at Relevant

What To Pack for  Life Abroad
What's on your must-have list for living overseas? The founder of this awesome blog shares her seven weight-worthy indulgences for packing in limited check-in space each time she travels back to the States. You can add your favorite comfort items in the comments too.

7 Things You "Need" Before Moving Overseas by Laura Parker at A Life Overseas

What's Giving You Away?
Ever wonder how locals can pick out the American foreigners? This is a funny list of the dead giveaways.

15 Dead Giveaways that Someone is American by Tickld.com

Happy 1st Year, Moms!
Moms, your baby's first birthday is your celebration too.

Offensive One-Liners from Short-Term Missionaries
We've heard people say these trite, well-meaning cliches. Now, let's listen to why they are misguided and even offensive statements. 

Here: At Home
Many of you know I've been on a summer hiatus. This was, at first, unexpected and unwelcomed, but it turned into exactly what I needed. I am now finally back in Korea but am facing a whole hooplah of new or renewed responsibilities, the main one being my oldest starting school. So the blog will wait until I have time to give it. Don't fret, my friend, there is much wisdom to read elsewhere. And when I start writing again, I pray it will be truth-breathing to you, but more importantly unobtrusive to my family. 

My excited kindergartener!

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