07 June 2014

Week Recommendations #22

My friends at Yongsan International School of Seoul made this amazing video about the difficult goodbyes faced every year by the students and staff at an international school. 

TCKs in Transition from Ross Williamson on Vimeo.

Flying with a Toddler?
My family flies out for our summer travels soon. With a very active toddler and two curious and never-sleepy preschoolers, I'm on the lookout for ideas. Here's a post with several good ideas, but now I need to choose the smallest and most lightweight.

If you're also flying with young kids, check out our mini-series on that very topic.

More Summer Reading
A couple weeks back, I linked some summer book lists. Here are a few more that have awesome suggestions.

3 Chapter Book Series We Love by Keri at Growing in His Glory
100 Best Free Books for Kindle by Brandon Widder at Digital Trends

Father's Day Printable
Don't know how to help your kids celebrate their dad? Well, there's lots of ideas online, and I like this one that can be put into a homemade card. I can't wait to see what my kids put in the blanks.

Free Father's Day Printable by Jamie at Totally the Bomb


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