23 June 2014

My Summer Off(line)

My littlest and I finally finishing our journey to Oregon.

It's been a few weeks since my family took off from our home in Seoul for our summer of visiting family. While I knew that no where on earth could compare to the speed of Korea's Internet, I didn't expect to be completely disconnected as soon as I left Asia. Even now, I'm writing this while offline and will post it when I get a smidgeon of online connection.

However, the absence of bars is not the only reason I have kept my laptop closed. We will be visiting family from four states, and when my kids are asleep (and I usually make time to be online), I am now talking with adults. I can choose to be present online or in person.

I'm choosing to be present in person. 

When August comes and we return to our routines, I'm sure I will ease back into regularity and let you all know what I've learned this summer. Until then, I hope you will choose to prioritize people too and enjoy your June and July. :)

Abide in Him,

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