17 May 2014

Week Recommendations #19

Give Aloha around the World
My high school friend Brad shot and edited this film for Hawaiian Airlines. Aside from being insanely proud that I know him, I love this video because it shows how one culture can reach the world. It's not just the lei; it's the willingness to step out and touch strangers with kindness.

May Day is Lei Day: Share Aloha, Give a Lei by Brad Watanabe for Hawaiian Airlines

To Be Known or To Be Heard
Competition is a killer. This poetic rendering of our soul's ache for an audience goes deep--deep enough for stillness and peace.

When It Feels Like Everyone is Bigger, Better, Smarter by Ann Voskamp at A Holy Experience

The Truth about Expat Life
So what's it really like? Living abroad is romanticized by nearly everyone "back home," so that's why a post like this is so needed. Let's be honest. Let's debunk the myths and tell it like it is.

Debunking 5 Myths about Expat Life at Long Miles Coffee Project

Landmarks from Different Vantage Points
This is a good perspective check on how our photographs can romanticize or even detract from the beauty of a structure or landform. It's pretty cool to see these picture juxtaposed. 

What Am I Doing Here?
No matter where you are--overseas, "home," somewhere in-between--this question seeps into our thoughts: "What am I doing here?" This post is a lovely exploration of that question. And no matter what your circumstance or address, the answer should be the same.

Here I Am to Worship by Rachel Pieh Jones at A Life Overseas

The Pressure to Be Great
I shouted "Yes!" when I started reading this article. It's so needed in our churches. This whole fad of being missional and radical has made some people feel special and others feel small. I don't think it motivates humility or faithfulness at all. Confused? Intrigued? Read this. 

The New Legalism by Anthony Bradley at World Magazine

Here: At Home
Summer is coming, and I definitely need the challenge to stay steadfast through all the changes coming. What can we absolutely NOT let go when things get chaotic? 


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