11 May 2014

Week Recommendations #18

This week's recommendations: a funny bit on how motherhood is gross, what to expect when repatriating, ways to avoid mommy burnout, some clutter busters, and a couple videos to get us laughing and thinking

LOL: Momhood!
Ready to laugh out loud, even all by yourself staring at a computer screen? Read this, moms. Your job is gross!

Motherhood Is Gross by Rachel Pieh Jones at BrainChild

On Re-entry
For those following the American school calendar, the end is near. For those teaching abroad, the time for turnover is upon us. (I'm sadly saying goodbye to several amazing friends this year as they move "back.") If you or someone close to you is preparing to re-patriate, this post discusses all that's involved in that intense transition.

I Have Listened to Your Stories by Melissa Chaplin at Velvet Ashes

Avoiding Mommy Burnout
It's the most draining job ever, in my opinion. We give it all--our time, our money, our own bodies--for these little ones God gave us. Still, there are times (far too often) when I feel like quitting. Even though I know I'd come running back after a day or two or three, I can wish myself away to a fantasy alone-land where books are read, conversations are finished, and houses are clean. I don't really want that though. This was a good reminder of ways to avoid burnout.

10 Ways to Prevent Mommy Burnout by Sherry Hayes at Large Family Mothering

Movie for Moms (to laugh and cry)
The trailer here was enough to make me sentimental. I hope the movie proves to be more of the same. 

How to De-clutter with Spare Time
This is a great list of things to tidy up when you find yourself with some wait time--waiting for the laundry to finish or the kids to complete an assignment or your husband to arrive for dinner. A little bit every so often will add up to a full rotation of de-clutter-ization!

30-minute Clutter Busters by Karen Ehman at The Better Mom

Look Up
If you haven't seen this anti-electronics video yet, it's got a rhythm to it that might change the regular beat/beep of your phone.

by Gary Turk on YouTube

Here: At Home
This week, I was honored to be over at A Life Overseas asking the question "Can I Speak Love in English?" Since I so admire and appreciate that blog, this was a huge blessing to me. 

Also, in anticipation of mother's day, I reflected back on the subtle blessings of being a parent--the blessings that hurt but give us sight


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