27 April 2014

Week Recommendations #16

This week's recommendations: TCK quotes, my favorite song "In Christ Alone," resting on the Lord's Day, how to ruin your marriage, and the battle of whose life is harder

TCK Quotes
Hear the sound of two cultures blending into a third.

Quotes for Third Culture Kids by Rachel Pieh Jones at Babble

In Christ Alone
My favorite song!

Resting on the Lord's Day
Do you keep the Sabbath? Would you be more likely to if you had some practical ways to begin? Read this insightful, down-to-earth article and consider joining her Sabbath Society for encouragement and accountability in this important discipline.

Teaching the World to our Children
Do you want your kids to have a global perspective? Here are some easy, effective ways to teach them about the world around them and out of their reach.

12 Ways to Teach Your Kids about the World by Holly Homer at KidsActivitiesBlog

How to Ruin Your Marriage
I wish I didn't identify with any of these surefire ways to cause conflict, but alas. I'm assuming I'm not the only one with much to learn about being a virtuous wife. Come read wisdom with me here.

5 Toxic Marriage Habits by Jen Thorn at Time-WarpWife

Homemaking E-Book Bundle
This is an incredible deal if you enjoy reading e-books. Many of the blogs I respect have endorsed and contributed to this bundle of 80+ resources (books, printables, e-courses), which is valued at over $600 but selling for roughly $30. It's worth consideration! The last day to order is Monday, April 28.

An Entire Homemaking Library by Ruth Schwenk at The Better Mom
(This is just one of the sites that is advertising it.)

My Life Is Harder than Yours
Have you ever thought that when listening to you friend, your husband, your child? This post offers a good perspective check and a conviction to return to humility, grace, and kindness.

My Life Is Harder Than Yours by Tanya Holt at Kentucky Sketches

How To Tie a Scarf
And this is just for fun. Before watching this instructional video, I could only do the simple loop! Just as a modesty disclaimer though, the final wrap is around a bikini. So...yeah. 

Here: At Home
This week, we were reminded of how commiseration can be beautiful--but it can also be dangerous. Also, we looked at a twist on this cliche: "I'm a Christian being, not a Christian doing." Come read and browse around. ^.^

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  1. Malia~ The song In Christ Alone is one of my favorites also. It was sung in a courtroom (two Christ believing families from our church that could not resolve an issue) while the judge was back making her decision; the man on trial could have gone to jail for life and started singing also - this song brings incredible emotions to me. And I absolutely love the truth in it!

    And it was good to remember the things I should not be doing in my marriage. :)

    1. It's impossible for me to hear that song and not stop and worship. I'm so thankful for it!

      And...I'm glad to hear I'm not alone in seeing the usefulness of that marriage article. :)


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