20 April 2014

Week Recommendations #15

This week's recommendations: the good news (in one minute), your language and your thinking, the cup of culture and the water of life, and mom balance

The Good News (in one minute)
Happy Easter, friends! Watch and be reminded of why Gospel means "good news."

The Gospel in One Minute by Shane Smith

Your Language Does Affect Your Thinking
This is a fascinating study of how our communication limits or expands our reasoning, deduction, or descriptions. It makes me think of how those who speak multiple languages are at an advantage not only outwardly (in conversing with several people groups) but also inwardly (in seeing the world from several vantage points).

Five Examples of How the Languages We Speak Can Affect the Way We Think by Jessica Gross at TedBlog

The Cup of Culture and the Water of Life
This comparison has stuck with me for days. How much emphasis should we put on cultural appropriateness when offering the life-changing good news?

Thirsting for Hope by Laura at Chatting about Life


Tips for Moms Anywhere
Need some advice for organization, playtime, learning, etc.? This blog collected ideas for months then compiled their favorites in this one post. Take a look and start giving your kids more ownership in the orderly way your home is managed.

Practical Tips for Moms by Rachel Miller at KidsActivitiesBlog

The Toughest Job in the World...?
Hear this man interview people for what billions of people do unnoticed.

Now, did you cry? Yes, me too. It does uplift the unnoticed worker in all us moms. However, I had expected him to say "Parents" when he gave away the profession. Of course, this is for Mother's Day, but I appreciated how Matt Walsh addressed this unbalanced perception of parenting. He even followed up his first post with an elaboration. I thought it good for me to read about the dangers of exalting our own sacrifice, or competing for the position of greatest worth. Isn't that false humility? Doesn't it sound dangerously close to the disciples arguing over the greatest place in heaven?

Finding Mom Balance
As if taking care of another human being isn't enough, we moms tend to pile on responsibilities until our bodies and minds yelp for reprieve. What we don't expect to hear as consolation is that balance is more in your thinking than in your commitments, yet that is exactly what this article advocates.

Being Balanced Starts with Your Thoughts: 3 truths to cling to by Tricia Goyer at The Better Mom

Here: At Home
This week, we tackled two difficult topics on At Home Abroad--problems that are either hidden or disguised in a Christian's life (especially one in public service). First, how do you plow through the cold seasons of your heart...when the hope of spring seems too aloof to guarantee joy again? Second, when is sacrifice for God's causes a wrong choice? What could be more important than sacrifice?

Have a blessed Easter, everyone. I pray your celebrations of the Resurrection are meaningful.

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  1. Hi Malia! I found your blog via your post on Djibouti Jones. I'm also an expat mom living overseas & blogging about faith and family. It's encouraging to read someone else's story who is on the same journey. Just wanted to say hi. :)

    1. Thank you for introducing yourself, Whitney. I'm looking forward to getting to know you better through your writing. :)


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