12 April 2014

Week Recommendations #14

Talk Back to Yourself
When the "I can't do this" tirade begins to formulate in your mind (and mostly when you start saying it out loud), talk back . . .with Scripture, with truth, with unshakable promises. We feel the pressure as women, as wives, as mothers, as employees, as foreigners. We must also feel the promises.

Speak the Truth To Yourself by Christina Fox at Desiring God

Mighty Mothers
Feeling weak? Watch this and feel empowered.

by Lisa-Jo Baker and JourneyBoxMedia

Sisters Side-by-Side: Being, Not Doing
Here is The Bench principle: We all need time to sit and talk, to exhale, to listen, to be. Hear Ann Voskamp explain the beauty of encouragement and the need for community. Then consider joining the Bench they are setting out in the online world for women to come to and sit, be still, and be.

How To Win What Your Brave and Broken Heart Needs in Real Life: The Bench Principle by Ann Voskamp at (in)courage

Expats: Don't Do It!
From the archives at Djibouti Jones comes this funny list of things foreigners need to stop doing. I found myself the target of her pointed finger--and have lived to say "Yes. Yes, I do that and I shouldn't." It's not meant to be preachy (you can read her disclaimer), but it does serve as a good reminder that we are to be gracious guests in our host countries.

20 Things Expats Need to Stop Doing by Rachel Pieh Jones at Djibouti Jones

Reminder to Be Goodness in the Ordinary
Oh how I love these heartfelt Thai commercials!

Here: At Home
This week marked my first guest post on another blog. (Huge hooray!) Read the prelude here or go straight to Djibouti Jones to jump in on her series "What I Learned." (You're even welcome to add your lessons to the discussion.) I hope you'll nod along while reading "People Are People Everywhere."

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