05 April 2014

Week Recommendations #13

A Bed, A Childhood
"Now I lay me down to sleep." Children all over the world lie down when night comes, and where they rest tells much of who they are and who they are becoming. These photos are rich with stories, and some of those stories are told in the book compiling them all.

Where Children Sleep by James Mollison at Pulptastic.com

Passports, Poop, and Identity
Especially if you're living as an expat, you know how your foreign nationality shapes much of who you are. The same should be true for us Christians, right? After all, our citizenship is not of this world.

How a Train Bathroom Taught Me about My Identity by Renee Aupperlee at Velvet Ashes

Can't Handle the Truth?
I loved this message and the harsh tone of it too. If we say we follow God, we must read His message--all of it. And if we say we believe Him, we must submit to His moral will--all of it. It's easier to ignore the hard scriptures that challenge our habits and comfort levels, but it's right to face the truth and embrace it.

Christians Offended by the Bible? by Jacinda Vandenberg at Growing Home

Missions Internships
Are you (or someone you know) looking for a missions internship? I was privileged to know the family who runs this organization and can vouch for their experience and servant hearts. Take a look?
They also have a superb reading list (on missions) here on their curriculum page

Giving What is Needed
Don't we get our best gifts from those who know us best? Then why do we think we can give gifts to the poor without knowing them at all? 

Giving Good Gifts by Kelley Johnson at A Life Overseas

This profound article reminded me of a truth my dad taught me a few years back, while he was ministering in Haiti. I blogged about it here: Filling Needs (Instead of Inventing Them).

Rethinking Stress 
Okay, so when living cross-culturally, we do encounter some stress. Maybe a lot of stress. But do you think of stress as the enemy? We all feel the pressure when crises hit, but how you view your body's natural response directly affects your health. Listen to the research and reconsider your habits. And stick with her talk until the end because I think her very last lines of advice are her best. 

Centering Our Homes around Christ
A series is beginning at Proverbial Homemaker: five days of encouragement and giveaways. You can enter the giveaways if you want, but I'm looking at the topics she's going to address and agree that these five things are essential to a godly home, and I really like the humility and honesty in her writing.

5 Days of a Christ-Centered Home by Tauna at Proverbial Homemaker

Publishers for Multiculturalism
In a random bookstore in the Philippines, I discovered this gem of a publishing company: Tuttle. Every book I picked up from them (in the children's section) was well done, and I wanted to buy them all for my kids. They focus on Asian culture, bridging it to Western readers. And you can search by country. Yes! Below is one book we read and admire:

Here: At Home
Reflecting on my spring break trip to Cebu, I wrote two articles: the first regarding the unexpected fast I had from online activity and the second about how missionaries cannot enter a culture like tourists. Also, in remembering a high school friend whose memorial service was this week, I wrote this post on grieving from afar

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