01 March 2014

Week Recommendations #9

TCKs: Defined
"Where is home?" Several TCKs answer in this 9-minute video.

So Where's Home? A Film About Third Culture Kid Identity from Adrian Bautista on Vimeo.

Husbands & Respect
No one quite says it like Matt Walsh. Here, he attacks the current trend to badger and belittle husbands, saying that respect is required in a marriage and should never be held aloof like a reward for good behavior.

Your Husband Doesn't Have to Earn Your Respect by Matt Walsh

Can Obedience Yield Failure?
What do we assume will happen when we surrender to the Holy Spirit? when we choose heavenly treasure over earthly success? Do we expect a good return as if God owes us compensation for our sacrifice? Maybe we've forgotten that we live in a fallen world. Maybe we're nearsighted and the glory of His presence is a blurred backdrop to our present aches, groans, and sighs. Maybe we need a healthy reminder of what "good" means in Romans 8:28.

Choosing "Both/And" as Missionaries
Oh this was good. Too many overseas Christians have a dual personality: 1) their everyday selves and 2) their over-bloated-ego selves. Yes, life abroad is exciting and challenging. Yes, life is still ordinary LIFE. Let's have both. I shouldn't have to change personas when talking to "people back home"; there's no need to puff up what living overseas is like. Let's be honest: we're people and we live among people. Duality is rubbish.

An awesome follow-up to that article is this one: 

The Gap of Apathy
Written by a dear friend of mine, this reflection poses several good questions about evangelism, trust, compassion, and social justice. 

Bridges, Gaps, and Chasms by Patreeya Prasertvit at Unearthing Joy

Free and Discounted E-Books
This is a Facebook page that posts deals daily. If you like reading Christian books on your Kindle, then here's something to "like": Gospel E-Books.

Online Book Study for Wives
Darlene Schacht, of the Time-Warp Wife blog, recently released another book, and she is leading an online book study starting on March 10. Click here to read about the online study and here to read about her book: The Virtuous Life.

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