22 March 2014

Week Recommendations #12

Missions Is My Schedule
Do you think of ministry or missions as one more thing to add to your day or to your busy schedule? Here's a reality check from Paul Tripp: we've got our perspective inside out.

And here is the page that sent me to his video. It's loaded with links for missional resources.

Practical Ways to Be Missional on Verge Network

Missions for Kids
No matter where you're living or what your occupation is, you should be aware of and involved with missions. Do you agree? What is missions then? (Hm...that might be a separate blog series altogether.) Well, simply put: missions is the gospel being spoken and lived out near and far. Here are some practical ways to get your kids excited about and initiated into this lifestyle of gospel-living.

How To Involve Your Kids in Missions by Lisha at The 'Blish

On a related note, check out these 14 Ways for Kids to Learn about Our World at Kids Activities Blog

Multicultural Dolls
Look at these! Not only do they represent several cultures, but these dolls tell stories about humanitarian work and encourage compassion and involvement. Part of the proceeds from sales goes to World Vision too. I'm impressed and interested and looking into it further.

Hearts for Hearts Girls by Playmates Toys

Scrolling and Scrutinizing
Social media is here to stay, so we'd better start analyzing how it affects us and put up barriers against such effects like isolation or unhealthy comparisons. My talented college friend shares her own struggle here and offers 5 tips to battle what jealousy or criticism may grow from viewing the Pinterest Perfect.

The Social Media Comparison Struggle by Samantha Krieger

Bringing Life to Our Children
What a great list of resources--Jen shares the best from her own library. If you've read any of her articles, you can be assured she is grounded in theology. Having read some of these books myself (with my kids), I can attest to their spiritual depth and yet simplicity for children, so I'm excited to find and use the others she recommends.

Children's Resources by Jen Thorn

Overseas Mission Work: An Interview
Huffington Post spoke with two missionaries and one pastor about their experiences abroad, specifically about the dangers that accompany a life surrendered to both the gospel and humanitarian work. This runs for nearly 30 minutes. 

Life As an Overseas Missionary hosted by Nancy Redd at Huffington Post

Apologize to Your Kids
I found this archive by Don Miller, and it's good. What do most well-adjusted adults have in common? By contrast, what do many insecure and hurting adults remember about their parents? This article argues strongly for being real, for admitting faults, and for working through struggles instead of avoiding and deferring them.

Great Kids Have Parents Who Seem to Do This Well by Donald Miller at StorylineBlog

Here: At Home
And on this blog this week, we addressed the subtle sin of missionary pride, which can tempt and poison any Christian in public service. Do you have faithful friends who you trust to keep you accountable?

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  1. I'm hopping over to read about missionary pride right now! Thanks for the resources.


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