15 March 2014

Week Recommendations #11

Women, Work, and Identity
Here's a toughie: In what do you find your identity as a woman? Is it in your role as wife and mom? Is it in your work outside of the home? Could both of these be wrong? (Gasp!) So many today are tilting the scale back and forth between these two stances when the real answer is neither. Our identities must be in Christ, and our success must be defined by Him.

The True Measure of Success for Women by Carolyn McCulley at The Gospel Coalition

To Parents of a Wayward Child
This is powerful. John Piper and his son Abraham talk about excommunication, a parents' pursuit, the steadiness of love, and the answer in Jesus.

Let Them Come Home compiled by First Boynton Church, originally published in Decision Magazine

Why We Need Differences
"We lose out when we stick with those just like us." Do you agree? Does your friendship circle show diversity or sameness? This article argues for embracing differences for 5 spiritually-related reasons.

5 Reasons to Make Friends Who are Different from You by Trillia Newbell at Relevant Magazine

The Correct Response to Failing
Did you ever try to talk your way out of a (deserved) failing grade? As a teacher, it was always hard for me to hear the excuses of students trying to raise a grade when their motivation was obviously a good GPA and not longterm learning or habits. This article gives a good perspective on failing--in school and in life situations.

Making Milestones Out of Mistakes by Brandy Lee at Crescendo Strategies

Singing the Way "Home"
Okay, who remember "Faith My Eyes" by Caedmon's Call? Who goes way back with this song? It played in my car this week, and I just devoured the words. How could I listen it to it through my youth and not even glimpse its depth? Well, living overseas has really helped me to understand homesickness, faith, and grace. Come revisit this oldie with me.

Because of copyright laws, I'm not posting any links for this recommendation. If you have their album 40 Acres, please go listen to this song! Read the lyrics too. So deep and so true. 

Successful Parenting 101
Not really: not like a class. This writer will be the first to say she is not advocating a to-do list or curriculum for child-rearing. But she does offer a lot of practical advice in this series. It's just getting started (with 2 posts done and 7 to go), and you can read the overview and all the titles here:

Raising Heavenly-Minded, Down-to-Earth Kids by Lisa Jacobson at Club31Women

The Ministry of Foster Care
This 12-minute short film shows the pain and longings of a child removed from her home and put into foster care, but it also beautifully pictures the sacrificial love of those who care for these kids and offer them solace in their homes. Thank you, foster moms and dads, for loving these children.

ReMoved from HESCHLE on Vimeo.

Share Your Story
Two blogs are hosting series on cross-cultural adjustment, and you are invited and welcomed to contribute. On Djibouti Jones, Rachel Pieh Jones is calling for essays on diversity in a collection called "What I Learned." On Communicating Across Boundaries, Marilyn is asking for TCK stories about "Finding Your Niche." Will you share your story and bless others through your experience?

Here: At Home
On this blog, we struck deep with a faith discussion of the cursed fig tree and then held our TCKs close while reading these 5 great picture books that teach diversity, flexibility, and/or security.

My 5-year-old daughter recommends these books too.
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