22 February 2014

Week Recommendations #8

Results, Rewards, and the Green Monster
Working in any kind of group setting will yield comparisons, and when you throw missions into the mix, the competition gets ugly--because it not only steals glory from God but also distracts His workers from their own depraved conditions. "Which of us is saving more people?" What an idiotic question! But, if we're honest, maybe we've thought it too...

It's Not About You by Rachel Pieh Jones at A Life Overseas

Community Over Ambition
Speaking from experience, this author questions whether job success is worth the loss of fellowship, of friendship, of community. When is it acceptable to isolate yourself? Is "acceptable" even the right word? Maybe we should be asking whether it's healthy or godly or wise to isolate ourselves. How important is community--wherever we are?

Dream Job or Dream Community by Curt Devine at Relevant Magazine

Beautiful Voice, Beautiful Soul
It's about time my kids and I introduced you to our favorite musician. My friend from youth group, Isabeau Waia`u Walker, records music--both originals and covers (<--two of my favorites linked there). This is her YouTube channel where she posts about a song a week. (She also has an EP.) Because I know her heart is genuine and surrendered to God, her music sounds that much deeper to me. But it's probably obvious even to ears that don't know her personally. (You can let me know.) Here's a sample, a worship song entitled "Oh Love That Will Not Let Me Go."

When Voluntourism Does Damage
This is a brave essay challenging the effects of short term mission/humanitarian trips. If you are an advocate, drop your defenses to read her argument with an open mind. She qualifies her stance by saying some are qualified to do good, but she admits this is not true about herself and suggests so about others too. It reminds me of the saying that short term mission trips are more for the volunteers than the locals. Do you agree? Will you read her article?

The Problem with Little White Girls and Boys by Pippa Biddle

The Gospel Keeps Giving
When did we start thinking that the Gospel was only for unbelievers? The good news is life, and we need it every single day. This article honestly speaks of how human effort isn't enough to produce godliness. We need God. We need the gospel.

Renewal for the Renewed by Jen Thorn at Adorned

Advice for the Japanese Tourist
Ever wonder how other countries prepare their tourists for American culture? Read this translation of a Japanese travel guide doing just that: gearing up his countrymen for major culture shock. If you're not from the USA, it will probably make perfect sense. If you're an American, it will be a hilarious eye-opener.

10 Japanese Travel Tips for Visiting America translated by Therese Oneill at Mental Floss

Here: Marriage, cont.
And here at At Home Abroad this week, we're continuing with "Blending Well: a mini-series on cross-cultural marriage." Read about how to study each other and communicate everything. Coming up in a few days is the whopper of them all: Define your family's culture. Seriously, it's really great advice from some women worth emulating. (Thanks, contributing friends!) So check back soon. ^.^

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