16 February 2014

Week Recommendations #7

Missions, the Gospel, and the Impossible
Reading this on my computer frustrated me because I wanted to highlight so many sentences! John Piper tackles some hard questions here, like "What about those who have never heard the gospel?" and "What if we lose everything?" and "If everyone is predestined, why do we evangelize?"I was shocked to see that the article is as old as I am (which isn't that old) since it is still so relevant in 2014.

Missions: The Battle Cry of Christian Hedonism by John Piper at Desiring God

The Campaign for Jesus
Jesus isn't looking for votes, but if we take that image figuratively--what slogans would describe His purposes, His platform, His Person? In a competition to promote the upcoming movie Son of God, Amy Rebecca Figueroa submitted this short film with that premise--a reversed use of the word "election."

God Sees the Weary Mom
The day-to-day for moms is grueling, and so often we crave affirmation--just a thumbs up, a hug, a report card that says "good job!" Have we forgotten that God is present? Have our sleep-deprived eyes forgotten how to see Him? Yes, our hands may be full, but He still holds them. He still holds us.

When Mothering is Hard and No One Sees by Shalene Roberts at Faith and Composition

Scott Hamilton Gives His Testimony
This famous Olympic gold medalist sits down to tell how God has always been present in his life. My favorite line was "the only true disability in life is a bad attitude." It's well worth the full 10 minutes.

I Am Second by Scott Hamilton

Heart Reminder from Ann
Recently, Ann Voskamp has been focusing on these 5 words: Do whatever He tells you. She says, "Success isn’t about being amazing…. it’s about being obedient. What really matters is living a life that is good on the inside — not one that just looks good from the outside." And here's one of her graphics that I really liked:


For the Child
A Thai company has put out a series of films that depict inner beauty in women: My Beautiful Woman. This is the third video, and it challenges the pride that so naturally situates itself within us--to desire and elicit recognition for the good we do.

Series on Cross-Cultural Marriage
And on our site this week, we are focusing on "Blending Well" in marriage despite major differences. The overview and first post are already up and ripe for reading, and the good advice will keep coming over the next several days. I learned so much from interviewing several friends who married outside of their cultures and am excited to share their wisdom with all of you.

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